Group & Organizational Learn to Sew Private In-Person Workshops

Group & Organizational Learn to Sew Private In-Person Workshops

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In these private class or workshop participants will learn basic principles and techniques of using a sewing machine and tools required.

Participants have the option of:

One day 3 hour session.

    We offer an exploratory sewing session or basic skills session (read below for details) for this option. 

Four Week Workshop. Four 1.5-hour sessions. 

Six Week Workshop. Six 1-hour sessions.

8 Week Workshop. Eight 1-hour session. 



Prices start a $350 for a one day 3-hour beginner sewing workshop. Pricing depends on number of students. Exploratory sewing workshop or Basic Sewing Skills workshops are available options. 

Four, Six or Eight weeklong workshop includes 4, 6 or 8 classes per month. Maximum of 6 students per class. Multiple class options per visit are available. Prices starting at $700.

Classes are held at local spaces in the Atlanta area or other low-cost spaces. This is a mobile service so instructor may travel to the group/organizational space and set up an hour before lesson. Tables and chairs and at least 3 electrical outlets are the only necessary equipment needed if instructor travels to group/organization space.  If interested in workshops, please email us You may also call 678-435-9072.

This is a step-by-step easy to follow tutorial course for those 6 years of age or older to enhance skills in sewing. Participants will leave the workshop with an understanding of basic sewing machine skills, knowledge of basic sewing tools, basic troubleshooting techniques and an easy project of choice (basic pillow, letter pillow or easy wearable bag.)


All items including sewing machines, fabrics, tools and notions, patterns are included.


Exploratory Sewing Workshop Option

The exploratory sewing session includes up to 12 participants. Participants will learn basic patternmaking skills and sew along with the instructor's help. This session focuses on exploring sewing techniques. Participants will walk away with a machine sewn pillow. 

Outline of Basic Sewing Skills Class/Workshops includes:

  1. Your Why? An introduction to Sewing and Flowing
  2. Basic Sewing Tools & Notions
  3. Explaining the Sewing Machine 101
  4. Threading the Top Thread of Sewing Machine
  5. Threading the Bobbin Thread of Sewing Machine
  6. Stitching and Practice
  7. Review Sewing Machine Tools and Machine Basics
  8. Practice and Review Sewing Machine Stitching.
  9. Let's Make a Project Together with No Pattern needed





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