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Neci Harmon is a lover of all things fabric. She was a super crafty gal as a child and teen and also a great athlete. She attended North Carolina A&T State University and graduated with a B.S. in Fashion Merchandising & Design. She started her firsthand bag company in college (Intity Bags & Design) at a dining room table with a simple pattern made with copy paper. The rest is history. She started a second handbag company years later namedThis accessory company was centered on mixed prints and recycled fabric materials.

Neci taught high school….yes, public high school for seven years and attributes this experience to personal growth and honing of her teaching abilities. What’s She Creating Enterprises was conceived in 2013 through a vision. She heard a crowd yelling and cheering while speaking, “What’s she creating?” Funny beginnings but this is a true statement. The company has a focus on teaching sewing and crafts, designing, accessory products and consulting services.

It is our mission to beautify the world one day at a time through community, education and the use of fabric in various mediums!

You may be interested in fabrics, learning to sew or simply want to connect with a creative who inspires you...Whatever you are here for, we say welcome, stay a while and happy creating!!

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