My Infatuation with Palazzo Pants

My Infatuation with Palazzo Pants

I love wide leg pants. Don't mistake my need for a tight-just-right pencil skirt and a pair of slim leg jeans but Palazzo pants... oh, the need to have many pairs of them!

I need to write it again. I love Palazzo pants! What you did not know previously about this project is that it's a remake of a failed attempt. This fabric was actually a v-neck button down dress. I have the post to prove it. Check out the first garment I made with this lovely fabric here:

It was lovely. If you know me then you know I will cut a garment instantly if it doesn't feel comfortable. Well, I was scissor happy on a Sunday and started cutting McCall's M8098 pattern. I was gifted this pattern from one of my sew sisters. Can you tell I am pleased? I forgot to mention I found this fabric as a bed sheet at a local thrift store. I purchased it for under $3. Major deal!

Ecstatic!!! It's a wonderful day when you pull up your pair of palazzo pants and the fit is just right! Have you made a pair? Join in on the convo!

Keep it real and keep sewing!

-Neci LoveHarmon

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